Lance (skmdc) wrote,

Regenerate Doctor Who Episodes

There was an article in yesterday's The Guardian about a fan community that's attempting to animate lost episodes of Doctor Who. I've seen this kind of thing before, and typically it's one guy with a copy of 3D Studio Max and delusions of grandeur. However, I recognized some of the backgrounds and fill in shots from the Guardian article as being from different guys with 3D Studio Max and delusions of grandeur. Evidently the Doctor Who 3D fanimation subculture has come together to form their own little sweat shop. How does this relate to YOU, other than the possiblilty of getting to see 108 episodes previously lost? They've put all the tools out, backgrounds, textures, line art for facial expressions... all of it. So if you're wanting to learn some 3D and 2D animation, why not learn by creating a scene or two from "Evil of the Daleks" and be everyone's hero!

The animation is a bit odd with 2D figures on 3D backgrounds... But the likeness are outstanding and the lipsynching is pretty dead on. Here's a YouTube sample clip:

Here's the guide for all you 3D artists out there: WhoSprites
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